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OKI Warranty Policy

OKI Printers purchased from 01 August 2015 automatically receive a one year on-site warranty from date of purchase by the End User. To activate the free Three Year On-site Warranty registration is required within 3 months from date of purchase. Registration can be submitted online (www.okisa.co.za) or by sending an SMS with your name, company, serial number, date of purchase to 32693 (SMS costs R1, 00). Eg. John Smith, My Company, AE9300265EFO, 6/06/2015. 

MX series - Line Matrix Printers  carry a one year ON-SITE warranty only from date of Purchase after 1 July 2012. Warranty is only valid once the unit has been registered within 3 months from date of purchase.. Registration can be submitted online (www.okisa.co.za) or by sending an SMS with your name, company, serial number, date of purchase to 32693 (SMS costs R1, 00). Eg. John Smith, My Company, AE9300265EFO, 6/06/2015. 

The warranty call window is 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. 3 Year ON-SITE warranty is limited to the South African mainland. A 3 year warranty is available in other regions where Printacom has a presence. 

*Printers must be returned with original packaging for warranty. 

Please contact Printacom for further details. For NIP printers the LED Head has a lifetime exchange warranty. For printers bought before 1 September 2011, ON-SITE warranty support is provided if a client purchased the ON-SITE warranty when they purchased their printer or if purchased after 1st September 2011, it is a different line item on the invoice & if Printacom are unable to identify this on their system, it will NOT be treated as an ON-SITE Warranty claim. 

What you get when purchasing an onsite warranty? An engineer is sent out to the customer’s location to assess and repair the affected printer. The response time is typically by next working day. All parts & labour are inclusive. Consumables, such as drums and toners, are the customer’s responsibility but are still afforded their own warranty by Printacom outside of the product warranty. 

EPC (Electronic Photo Conductor or Drum Unit) warranty is dependent upon the customer using genuine OKI consumables at all times and is up to Printacom’s discretion to replace the drum or toner. Should any consumable item (Image drum, belt kit, fuser unit or toner) be suspected faulty, the customer is required to take the faulty unit and printer to the nearest Authorized Warranty Repair Centre for evaluation. If less than 30% off the consumable is used, it will be covered under warranty free of charge. 

OKI’s original consumables are designed and manufactured to work exclusively with OKI printers. The high performance of all OKI products is the result of extensive research and testing, and enables OKI to provide comprehensive warranties for all of its products when hardware and original consumables are used together as recommended. The use of non-OKI manufactured consumables may damage your printer or MFP performance and will invalidate your warranty, irrespective of the non OEM suppliers claims. Carry-in warranty support is up to the client to deliver their product to their nearest Warranty Centre. SIDM Print heads are covered under warranty for 3 months from date of purchase only due to the nature and environment of the product, and subject to the product being used within product specifications and cannot be warranted due to wear and tear and uncontrolled working environment. Any new product that fails within 7 days of receipt from new will be deemed eligible for immediate option replacement under our DOA, or early life failure policy. DOA goods must be checked by one of our warranty centres before credit or swop out. Any product repair, or unit replacement, will be warranted for 90 days, or to the end of the initial 12 month warranty period, whichever is the greater. 

Typical Warranty Exclusions
- Lightning strikes, electrical surges, fluid damage
- Repairs by non-authorised agents
- Misuse, physical damage, negligence
- Miss-fitting of consumables
- Use of non-OKI consumables
- Fair wear and tear
- Application or external errors
- Network installation and setup
- Installations of consumables and service
- Not using power cable with surge protection provided with the OKI printer 

Electronic Services
- Logging warranty fault calls (8am – 5pm Mon to Fri)
- Telephonic Support (8am – 5pm Mon to Fri)
- Internet Address (7 Days 24 Hrs)

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